Vultr第24个机房来了 3月新增美国夏威夷檀香山机房



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Sandy beaches, swaying palm trees – Honolulu is the perfect place to find inspiration and get creative. The island of Oahu is known as the gathering place of the Hawaiian Islands, so we thought it made the perfect spot to gather the islands’ developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes.

With our 24th global data center location, we’re excited to empower developers and businesses from the center of the Pacific, and to further demonstrate our commitment to provide unrivaled ease of use, price-to-performance, and global reach.

With Vultr’s launch in Honolulu, customers can now provision our new Optimized Cloud Compute instances utilizing 3rd Generation AMD EPYC™ processors, as well as Cloud Compute instances featuring Intel Xeon CPUs.

We encourage managed service providers and resellers to join the Vultr Partner Program.

Businesses and developers can sign up to try Vultr and deploy an instance in under 60 seconds. Businesses interested in discussing larger cloud deployments or migrations can contact Vultr sales for a free consultation.




随着Vultr在檀香山的发布,客户现在可以利用第三代AMD EPYC提供我们新的优化云计算实例™ 处理器,以及采用Intel Xeon CPU的云计算实例。




Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2001:19f0:c000:c06d:5400:3ff:feea:c1f8

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